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Welcome to a new era of property management

Adapting and strategizing appropriately allows Candid to manage every aspect of your property. Because we are fundamentally built to be flexible in this way, we are prepared for any type of property in British Columbia.
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Residential Property Management

Ready to sit back and let your investment grow without any worry? No matter how big or small, Candid Group is prepared to manage any type of residential property with excellence. We employ some key strategies to deliver you the hassle-free Candid experience:

  • A state-of-the-art technology base that can integrate with your security, parking and other amenities
  • Tenant onboarding that is seamless, complete, and efficient
  • Strata organization and management
  • A community-oriented web portal that fosters discussion

Our residential property management package includes relationship management, inspections, account management, facility mamagement, health and safety operations, and fiscal management. 


Commercial Property Management

Does your commercial building need some love? As fully-licensed, full-service property managers, we also specialize in commercial property management. Candid Group is fully commited to deliver...

  • consistent suitable occupancy
  • strong tenant relationships
  • optimized expenses/costing, and
  • thoughful maintenance planning

Our commercial property management package, similarly, includes relationship management, inspections, account management, facility mamagement, health and safety operations, and fiscal management. 


Strata Management

Every Strata Council faces unique challenges. And every year, some of those challenges change, evolve, or diminish. Following this pattern, Candid Management Group offers a dynamic strata management service. Some of our services include, but are not limited to...

  • We arrange and attend approriate council meetings throughout the year.
  • Align ourselves with the Strata Property Act
  • Monitor contracts
  • Candid manages budgets, contingency funds, reserves, and more
  • Draft, review, amend, and monitor by-laws

Meet Candid Cloud.

A sleek, modern, property management app.

Candid Cloud is a unique cloud-based application designed by us, packed with features and delivered in an easy-to-use interface. Say goodbye to old, difficult-to-use  software.

Candid Cloud is a robust backend for asset owners. Access all relevant information here: events, announcements, files and payments. Unlike any other platform, Candid Cloud offers a community-oriented social platform that allows you to connect with other asset owners in your property's commercial or residential complex. The community forum can be understood as the virtual townhall. Create, like, and comment on posts to gain and share insight on your investment. Close time and space challenges only with Candid Cloud technology. Request a demo now.


Andi Pham


- Property expert for 10+ years
- Fully licensed strata and property manager

Khanh Vo

Executive Director - Business Development, Corporate Affairs

- Local property expert
- 10+ years of industry experience

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